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Why book with Gatwick Airport Monster Parking?

Although there are few professional car parks at Gatwick Airport, you can easily narrow down your search using Monster Airport Parking. It is not rocket science. Here, we provide you with tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to Gatwick Airport Parking.

Using Off-Airport Parking

If you are looking for cheap car parks at Gatwick Airport, consider options situated outside. The fact that they are cheap doesn’t necessarily imply compromised quality when it comes to terminal arrival times. But you need to be absolutely sure of the transfer time before you book any of the car parks.

Gatwick Airport has two terminals, one on the south and the other on the north. Most of the off-airport parking is situated several miles from these terminals. It is, therefore, possible for you to have quick transfer times of about 10 minutes.

Why You Should Book In Advance

Book the car parks at Gatwick Airport in advance and you will save a lot of money. If anything, paying at the gate is up to 60% more expensive. So make sure you book Gatwick Airport parking as early as possible.

What Does It Mean To Have Non-Amendable Rates?

Some Gatwick Airport parking services that are neither amendable nor refundable. It is, therefore, not possible to cancel or amend the booking. Opt for these services if you are sure the flight dates will remain the same. Since the booking is done in advance, you will save a lot of money in the process.

Cheap Car Parks at Gatwick Airport Are Also Secure

What you pay for parking is not a determinant of how secure your car is going to be. Off-airport and on-airport car parks at Gatwick Airport have a high level of security including 24-hour CCTV surveillance, floodlights, and patrols by staff.

Most of the car parks at Gatwick airport boast of the Secure Parking Award, an accreditation from the Association of Chief Police Officers. You can, therefore be assured of the highest security standards all year round. If you see the ‘Park Mark’ you can also be sure your car will be safe with them.

Book your Gatwick Airport parking today with the Monster.

Benefits of Booking with Monster Airport Parking

Gatwick Airport short-stay parking

short stay airport parking

Short stay parking is available at both North and South Terminal. Book with the monster today and secure a space for your trip at the lowest price guaranteed.

At North Terminal, the car parks are on-airport, and only a 5-minute walk from check-in. There are no restrictions as to how long you can book this car park for, but if you’re staying longer than 72 hours we advise you choose a more cost-effective Long Stay parking option.  With short stay there is no need for bus transfers, simply park your car and walk straight to check-in.

Short Stay parking at South Terminal is a great option for those looking for convenience, with the terminal only a 5-minute walk away, Short Stay is perfect for families with children or anyone with heavy luggage.

Gatwick Airport long-stay parking

long stay airport parking

If you’re travelling for more than a few days, Long Stay parking at Gatwick Airport is a more cost-effective option.

Long Stay parking booked through the Monster is a perfect budget-friendly choice for those going on holiday or taking longer trips abroad.  Once you have parked, head to the nearest bus stop before jumping on the free shuttle bus which will take you directly to the terminal for a hassle-free start to your holiday or trip. It usually takes 5–10 minutes to reach South Terminal and 7–12 minutes to reach North Terminal for you to go straight to check-in.

For both North and South Terminals, the benefit of long stay car parking are the excellent locations just minutes from the terminal and the convenience of the regular shuttle bus to transport you to the terminal, ideal for days and nights in wet or wintery weather.

Remember to pre-book to avoid disappointment, particularly in peak season

Gatwick Airport meet & greet parking and valet parking

meet & greet airport parking

Meet and greet airport parking and Valet parking is available at North and South Terminals and is the ultimate safe, secure and convenient car parking option at Gatwick Airport.

Widely accepted as the most convenient and stress free way to smooth your departure experience, Meet and Greet is fast becoming the option of choice for business, holidays and particularly if you’re carrying large amounts of luggage. Simply park in a dedicated bay, hand your keys in and a fully insured driver will park your car for you. You can then walk directly to the terminal with no hassle. On your return to Gatwick Airport, and after you have disembarked the plane, call again, and the driver will drive your car to the terminal for you to collect.

monster airport parking at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport

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