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What is Meet & Greet & Valet Parking?

meet & greet airport parking

If you’re looking for the most convenient parking at UK airports you’ll love the idea of Meet and Greet. It’s the real VIP treatment for parking where everything is done for you. Imagine arriving at the airport terminal and an insured chauffeur is ready to meet you. The car is unloaded of all luggage and the keys given to the chauffeur who drives your vehicle to a secure parking site, while you check-in and get ready to enjoy your holiday or trip. On your return to arrivals, the chauffeur has returned your car to the terminal entrance, ready for you to drive home. That’s Meet & Greet.

Widely accepted as the most convenient and stress free way to smooth your departure experience, Meet and Greet is fast becoming the option of choice for business, holidays and particularly if you’re carrying large amounts of luggage. You can pre-book Meet & Greet with Monster Airport Parking – simply choose your airport, add the dates, and select from meet & greet parking options if available at your airport.

To make your travel experience even better, some airports offer Valet Parking. Like Meet & Greet, your chauffeur will look after the car and return it to you when you come back from your holiday. But while you’ve been away, your car has had a full valet, inside and outside.

Book Meet & Greet or Valet Parking with the Monster and get huge discounts for booking early.

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