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Journeys on Paper – Travel, Adventure & Exploration

Embark on a literary journey and explore the world through a curated selection of captivating travel memoirs and novels. From the pages of these books, you’ll be transported to distant lands, immerse yourself in different cultures, and embark on thrilling adventures. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your next trip, yearning for armchair exploration, or simply looking to satisfy your wanderlust, these travel books offer a gateway to the wonders of our planet. Join us as we turn the pages and set off on unforgettable journeys, where the power of storytelling merges with the allure of travel.

Travel the World Without Worries

“Travel the World Without Worries: An Inspirational Guide to Budget and Adventure Travel” is a must-read for wanderlust-filled souls seeking to explore the world on a budget. Authored by an experienced globetrotter (Marek Bron), this inspirational guide offers practical advice, insightful tips, and valuable resources for embarking on budget-friendly and adventurous journeys.

From finding affordable accommodations and transportation options to immersing oneself in local cultures and embracing the thrill of spontaneous adventures, this book provides a roadmap to fulfilling travel experiences without breaking the bank. With personal anecdotes, destination recommendations, and helpful strategies, “Travel the World Without Worries” empowers readers to chase their travel dreams and embark on unforgettable adventures while navigating the challenges of budget travel with confidence and ease.

A Year Off

A Year Off: A Story about Traveling the World – and How to Make It Happen for You” by Alexandra and David Brown is an inspiring memoir that chroni the couple’s decision to take a break from their regular lives and embark on a year-long journey around the world. Filled with personal anecdotes, practical advice, and beautiful photographs, this book serves as a guide for anyone seeking to make their travel dreams a reality.

The Bucket List

“The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small” by Kath Stathers is a comprehensive compilation of travel experiences that will ignite your wanderlust. From thrilling adventures to cultural explorations, this book offers a diverse range of ideas to inspire your next travel itinerary. Whether you’re seeking epic adventures or quiet moments of reflection, “The Bucket List” has something for every type of traveller.

Around The World In 80 Trains

Around the World in 80 Trains: A 45,000-Mile Adventure” by Monisha Rajesh takes readers on an unforgettable journey as she traverses the globe solely by train. From traversing the Trans-Siberian Railway to crossing Australia’s Outback, Rajesh shares captivating stories of her train travels, showcasing the unique perspectives and encounters she experiences along the way. This book is a testament to the transformative power of slow travel and the connections that can be made while exploring the world by rail.

Neither Here, Nor There

In “Neither Here, Nor There: Travels in Europe,” Bill Bryson hilariously recounts his adventures as he travels through various European countries. With his signature wit and humour, Bryson provides a fresh and entertaining perspective on European travel, sharing amusing anecdotes and cultural observations. This book is a delightful companion for armchair travellers or those planning their own European adventures.

Step By Step

Step By Step” by Simon Reeve. For the first time he tells his life story with a book rich in anecdotes to entertain and inform readers about some of the most fascinating (and often dangerous) places in the world and what it took to reach them.

Featuring inspiring stories from his extensive travels around the world. Reeve’s adventures take readers to extraordinary destinations, showcasing the beauty and diversity of our planet. With its visually striking pages and captivating narratives, this book serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to explore the world one step at a time.

The Places In Between

The Places In Between” by Rory Stewart takes readers on a remarkable journey through war-torn Afghanistan. Stewart recounts his walk across the country, covering remote landscapes and encountering locals along the way. This memoir provides a poignant and insightful exploration of the human spirit and the resilience of communities amidst challenging circumstances.

The Wild Places

The Wild Places,” Robert Macfarlane embarks on a journey to discover the remaining wild and untamed landscapes of Britain and Ireland. Through lyrical prose and vivid descriptions, Macfarlane captures the essence of these remote places and reflects on the importance of preserving our connection with the natural world. This book is a beautiful exploration of the power of nature and an invitation to seek out the wild places that still exist in our increasingly urbanised world.

A Trip of One’s Own

A Trip of One’s Own: Hope, Heartbreak, and Why Traveling Solo Could Change Your Life” by Kate Willis is a captivating memoir that delves into the transformative power of embarking on solo travel adventures. Through her personal experiences and candid reflections, Willis takes readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery and growth. The book beautifully captures the highs and lows of solo travel, showcasing the immense freedom, empowerment, and personal connections that can be found when venturing out into the world alone.

Willis’s storytelling is heartfelt and engaging, making it easy for readers to relate to her experiences and empathise with her journey. Her vivid descriptions transport you to the enchanting destinations she explores, and her honest exploration of the challenges and vulnerabilities faced along the way adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. The book also dives into broader themes such as personal resilience, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the unknown.

The Getaway Girls

“The Getaway Girls: A hilarious feel-good summer read about second chances” by Dee MacDonald is a delightful novel that follows a group of women who embark on a spontaneous adventure across Europe. Filled with laughter, friendship, and unexpected twists, this heart-warming book reminds us of the joy and transformative power of travel.

One Man and His Bike

“One Man and His Bike: A Life-Changing Journey All the Way Around the Coast of Britain” is a captivating memoir that invites readers to join Mike Carter on his extraordinary cycling adventure. This inspiring book chronicles Carter’s decision to leave his job and embark on an epic journey around the British coastline. As he pedals through picturesque landscapes, encounters diverse characters, and battles the elements, Carter not only shares his physical challenges but also delves into the introspective journey that unfolds along the way. With vivid descriptions, witty observations, and reflections on life, this memoir captures the essence of the open road and the transformative power of embarking on a grand adventure. “One Man and His Bike” serves as a reminder of the joy of slow travel, the beauty of the British countryside, and the profound impact that stepping outside one’s comfort zone can have on personal growth and self-discovery.

Beautiful Ruins

“Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter is a mesmerising novel that seamlessly weaves together tales of love, loss, and redemption across decades and continents. Set against the backdrop of the enchanting Italian coastline, the book takes readers on a journey that spans from the golden age of Hollywood to the present day. Walter’s exquisite storytelling skilfully intertwines the lives of a colourful cast of characters, each grappling with their own hopes, dreams, and heartbreaks. The vivid descriptions transport you to the sun-soaked shores of Italy, where crumbling ruins and hidden secrets hold echoes of past loves and missed opportunities. With its richly drawn characters, evocative settings, and a narrative that effortlessly oscillates between humour and poignancy, “Beautiful Ruins” is a captivating read that explores the complexities of human relationships and the enduring power of love in the face of life’s uncertainties.


As we bid farewell to this collection of travel books, let us carry the spirit of exploration and curiosity with us, knowing that the world is a vast tapestry waiting to be explored, and that through the written word, we can continue to embark on countless adventures from the comfort of our own armchairs. So, pick up a book, let your mind wander, and let the pages transport you to new horizons. Bon voyage!

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