family holiday in finland

Family Holidays in Lapland

Lapland, in northern Finland, is the ultimate winter family destination. How better to win over your kids than with a visit to the real Santa Claus at his home! Rovaniemi, the home town of Santa, is the obvious draw for Christmas happy families, and your trip shouldn’t be without a Sleigh ride from the town to the Santa Claus Village. Once in the village you can visit Santa in his office, send Arctic Circle postmarked messages to friends and family back home and explore global Christmas traditions in the Christmas House. Just 2km from the village, Santa Park further spreads Christmas cheer with Elf School, Christmas shows, Mrs Gingerbreads Kitchen and a magical train journey.

The original home of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf, don’t forget to make time to visit some of Lapland’s 190,000 reindeer. Visit them on farms, take them for a hike, or hop on a sleigh to have them draw you through the Finnish wilderness. Lovers of animals might also enjoy a husky safari or a visit to the Ranua Wildlife Park. From Rovaniemi, you can also take part in a plethora of exciting adventures such as snowmobiling and snowshoeing, and other local activities include ice-fishing, and floating, where you will wear a specially designed suit to keep warm and be submerged in icy Arctic waters!

A further obvious draw of a northern trip is the chance to see the amazing Aurora Borealis. While in southern Finland the lights might only be spotted up to 20 nights a year, Lapland boasts the opportunity to see them around every other day, up to around 200 days a year. The beautiful dancing lights are a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, so make the most of it with a special tour. Local providers can guide you to the lights by boat, bus, reindeer, husky, snowmobile or even snowshoe for those more adventurous.

Don’t shy away from investigating the colourful culture of Finland’s indigenous people, the Sami. The culture thrives through the herding of reindeer in the local area, as well as fishing, racing and making handcrafts, and visits to local sites such as Inari and the Siida museum allow you to immerse yourself in the traditions.

Settled on Lapland for your perfect family holiday? Don’t forget to organise your Sleigh parking once you’ve booked, to keep your journey flying smoothly. By booking your vehicle with us you ensure the best airport parking solutions. Travelling with family can be stressful, so keep your worries to a minimum by ticking this off your Christmas list!

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