cheap stansted airport parking for flights to india

Cheap Stansted Airport parking when you travel to India

Flying to Mumbai? it’s time to book your parking at Stansted Airport

To celebrate 72 years of international flights, Air India launched a new connection between Stansted and Amritsar and has just added further flights between Stansted and Mumbai. Anyone looking to get away to India to meet relatives, to take a well deserved holiday or to travel on business, should enjoy cheap Standard Airport parking rates available through Monster.

The route between Stansted and Mumbai has enabled Air India to take advantage of an increased capacity in London, without acquiring expensive London Heathrow slots. This is great news for passengers looking to travel directly between the UK and India, and provides the opportunity to book great deals for airport parking at Stansted.

Why are Stansted Airport parking prices so competitive?

Airport parking operators throughout the UK have collectively created an abundance of parking options for passengers across all airports. During peak times it is often difficult to get the best deals, and despite growing capacity the best deals have always been available for passengers who book in advance. That’s where Monster Airport Parking comes in. We find and collate the safest and most secure airport parking options for each airport giving passengers everything they need to find the best deal, for the most appropriate option.

If you’re travelling to Mumbai we have all types of parking options available. For cheap Stansted Airport parking check out our live offers here, and take away the stress of booking your parking and enjoy a hassle free flight day.

Why is Stansted a good choice for Air India?

Despite being 30 minutes away from the capital, Stansted Airport makes good economic sense for Air India to expand its flights between Mumbai and UK.  Primarily only operating low-cost carrier routes, Stansted is significantly cheaper for the more budget conscious airlines. Air India already operates out of Heathrow, which makes the new Stansted to Mumbai flights a point of difference compared to competition airlines.

This is all good news for passengers looking for low cost flights to India, as well as picking up cheap parking at Stansted Airport.

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