exotic holiday in hawaii

Exotic Holiday in Hawaii

You’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t want to visit the alluring archipelago of Hawaii. These exotic islands offer so much, from the beautiful lush landscapes and glittering beaches, relaxing resorts but adventure within easy reach.

There are over 100 islands in the chain, but only 8 main islands that tourists usually flock to. The most commonly known attraction of Hawaii is the series of volcanoes, with one underwater volcano, Loihi, having the potential to one day break the water’s surface and add another island to the chain. The most active volcano is Kilauea, found on Big Island, and driving tours run all the way up to the crater’s edge. Those who like to adventure a little differently might want to opt for a cycling tour of the park and then hike the volcano instead! From spots on the island you will be able to watch spouts of lava flow directly into the sea. If you’d like a more relaxed option on Big Island, visit Kona Coffee Living History Farm to learn about the coffee farming cycles and test out some local blends.

Oahu is an excellent island for those interested in history and culture. Here you will be able to visit the famous Pearl Harbour, known for the devastating events of WWII, where 1177 crewman aboard the USS Arizona were killed when a bomb was dropped in 1941. The sunken hull was preserved and can still be visited as a site of historical importance and reflection, but get there early as the ship receives up to 4000 visitors per day. On the island you will also find the Pacific Aviation Museum, Bishop Museum which displays an extensive collection of Hawaiian history artifacts, and the Polynesian Culture Centre. Surfing is a massive draw to the island, and Diamond Head and Waikiki beaches are some of the most popular for tourists. A less energetic sea experience would be the submarine adventure, where you will still have the opportunity to view Hawaii’s amazing undersea world, but while staying dry, comfortable and relaxed.

Kauai also has some wonderful museums, with the Kauai Museum exhibiting on the geology of Hawaii and on the arrival of Captain Cook on his third voyage to the Pacific. Maui offers a more natural landscape of rainforests to explore, and the unique experience of waterfall rappelling. This involves being hoisted down thundering waterfalls, so might not be for the faint hearted! The more laid back traveler might prefer to visit The Sugar Museum, which explores Hawaii’s extensive history in sugar cane farming, which continued right up to 2016 on Maui.

Other adventurous activities around the islands include epic surfing, scuba, snorkeling and zip-lining. A not to be missed experience is whale watching, and while you can do this from the shores of the islands your best view of the migration of the thousands of humpback whales is on one of the many boat tours available. Their visiting runs November to May, with the peak of the season being January to March.

Hawaii has so much to offer that you might never want to leave! When you finally have to, make sure your journey home runs as smoothly as possible by having your car ready and raring to go.

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